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why political discussions give me headache and a rage blackout

It seems as if most people I know desperately want to talk about the election. Will it be Hillary Clinton? Do you think Barack Obama can hold his lead? Clinton is part of the old regime. She cries. She’s too feminine. She’s not feminine enough. She’s too stiff/untrustworthy/ambitious.

I hear the same arguments everyday through a multitude of different sources. The election coverage is horribly sexist. I’m sick of hearing people critique her hairdo, her clothing choices, her ambition. I’m sorry, people, but those who aren’t ambitious don’t choose to run for President. No, really. Obama is ambitious, and guess what, ambition isn’t actually a bad thing.

The average person doesn’t want the responsibility, the pressure of that particular office. It’s hard work, and the decisions you make can save people or kill people, and it’s a burden that most of us aren’t equipped to handle. And even if we could, most of us wouldn’t want to.

So I’m happy, in fact, I’m delighted that feminists are latching onto this disgusting display of misogyny and calling out the media for their anti-woman tactics in this election. Go us.

Of course, the problem that isn’t tackled, the problem that most feminists are disturbingly mute on is the racist overtones in the discussions of politics.

WoC are voting their race.

WoC care more about their skin color than their gender.

Obama is anti-white.

Obama’s wife is militant in her blackness.

Obama is going to give the country over to Mulims.

Now, where is the outcry about white men and how they’re voting their race or their gender? Non-existent.

I’ll tell you right now, I’m a WoC, and I would have voted for Mike Gravel if I’d thought he had any chance of winning whatsoever. Who I chose to vote for instead was based on issues. Not on their skin color, not on their gender. I am, as are other WoC, able to make a decision based on my beliefs and what’s best for my country. The assumption that every woman of color is less able and capable of voting for the person who best represents their beliefs is both belittling and intensely sexist and racist.

I’ve read that Obama should be speaking out against those that use sexist tactics in their portrayal of Clinton, and ideally, he should. However, these exact same sources say that the racism shown from the Clinton camp and expressed in the media, are over-exaggerated. They don’t hold Clinton accountable in the same way they hold Obama, and there’s this feeling that it’s acceptable for people to have this kind of dialog.

I’m sick of hearing the words that people are “scared” or “terrified” of what will happen if Obama is elected. I’m sick of hearing people talk of how Clinton is too strong and “acts like a man.” I’m disgusted by the racist link of Muslims to terrorists, and I’m disheartened and angry by how feminists and PoC are tearing one another apart by using the same tactics employed by the white, patriarchal system.

The issues have become this vague shadowy figure hidden by racist and sexist sentiments.

The character of these individuals have been dictated by not what they’ve said or done, but by the presence of a vagina and the pigment of their skin. There are women in feminism who I respect that have such things during this election that I find it damn near impossible to view them as I did before this election.

Are feminists attempting to alienate women of color? Do white feminists believe that feminism belongs to them and the rest of us are allowed to participate because they are so magnanimous? Do we just give lip service to the idea that the systems that oppress PoC and women are one in the same? Because, honestly, at this point, I believe the answer is Yes.


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